Anna Buruma! Paging Anna Buruma!

Dilly just recently published a comment to the impact that the V&A had just recently held liberty archivist Anna Buruma, who spoke about the history of that business as well as their designs.

Needless to say, I was just shattered to have missed this (leaving aside that taking a trip from Chicago to London for a two-hour event would not have been extremely ecologically accountable of me). however it got me to believing — somebody who reads this blog need to have get in touch with information for Ms. Buruma, yes? as well as if we asked extremely nicely, don’t you believe she’d like to do a Q&A with us?

Massive amounts of browsing have failed to turn up a get in touch with email (I mean I *could* just phone call THE STORE, however that seems so twentieth-century). If, in fact, any individual does understand Ms. Buruma as well as might impact an introduction, I’d be very, extremely grateful. as well as in the meantime, you might leave the concerns you’d want asked in the comments, just in situation …

[Fabric is liberty Mauverina, from eBay seller laluthan.]

UPDATE: I have exchanged emails with Ms. Buruma as well as she is ready to be interviewed … please leave any type of concerns you’d like me to ask in the comments! thanks so much to LondonGirl for getting us in touch!

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