Cyber Monday Sales: Sevenly Outfitters

Sevenly Outfitters Cyber Monday sale
I mention Sevenly Outfitters with gratitude and admiration, thanks to what they have been standing for because the beginning of their brand. Sevenly donates plenty of the preceding of their sales to charities and organizations. Each collection they launch is themed depending on the cause they donate to. The designs are beautiful, suggestive and serve a good cause. I am so pleased they are still standing strong and that haven’t changed their direction, aside from the name that now has „Outfitters” added. I would have regretted not mentioning them in the series of Cyber Monday Sales.
As a result, here they are for those searching for a quality product and an honorable gesture.
This 1 day sale is dedicated to both domestic customers (USA) and international ones. For the former, there’s 20% off + $20 credit report with the code MONDAY. For the latter, there’s totally free shipping for orders over $100 with the code WORLD.
Remember that it’s always a good time to give back, not just for the holidays.


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