Giant Friday Link-o-Rama

I have been feeling mildly guilty since you people have been sending me so lots of excellent links — much a lot more than I might ever compose about individually, even if I published with BoingBoing-like frequency. BUT: they are so great that I don’t want to deprive you of them, so I’m believing about doing Linktastic Fridays. What do you all think?

First off, Jen sent me the remarkable comic picture up above. who needs a two-timing person when you have an attire that great, I ask you?

Also: everyone’s heard that Isaac Mizrahi is leaving Target to go to Liz Claiborne, right? I’m so ecstatic about this; I truly want to see what he can do at a somewhat higher cost point as well as a bigger collection. as well as I’m hoping perhaps he’ll select some in shape designs that aren’t so dern long-waisted …

Check out this charming corduroy windowpane-check jumper/dress (thanks to Lisa for the link). this may show up as a trick Lives someday, I think.

NYTimes reports on (recycled) juice box dress! Yes, I stated juice box dress! (thanks to Barbara for the link)

Lisa at miss Helene’s discovered this excellent Home-Ec quiz in a pattern. a few of the concerns stumped me, for sure. try your luck … or just get a hit of wonderful nostalgia off the mimeograph format.

Laura Skidmore of the vintage fashion library was featured on CNN! as well as she provided a shout-out to gown A Day! (And her hair in the photo is best …)

Robin sent a link to this genuinely scary 1970s jumper gown with the worst situation of crotch-pocket I’ve ever seen. It takes rather a bit to make me dislike a pocket; this gown succeeded in doing so where so lots of others have failed.

And two sales for you: a lot of sellers at expert Auctions are having a vintage Blowout Sale — whatever $19.99 or less! It started yesterday however I’m sure there’s a ton of excellent stuff left (including great deals of large-size patterns). a lot more details are right here …

If you have been trying to find the original version of the Butterick Walk-Away gown (6015) Jen has a copy ideal now (B30) offered as well as has a different shirtdress-like version with a narrow skirt! (And if you utilize the voucher code love15 you will save 15% off any type of sized buy with the end of the month!)

Whew. Did I fail to remember anything? If I did, that’s why blog writer made comments …

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