Gifts for people who like to sew

If you understand somebody who likes to sew as well as are stumped for a appropriate holiday present, this listing may assist …

Books: stitching books are always a great idea, as well as you truly can’t have as well many. There’s always much more than one method to achieve any type of provided task or technique, as well as the much more stitching direction you read, the much better the chances of you discovering the method that ‘clicks’ with you.

First on the listing this year is a beautiful new book from Ruth singer (whose blog you may know): It’s called, in full, The stitching Bible: A contemporary handbook of useful as well as Decorative stitching methods as well as it’s truly a beautiful book. Clear, well-illustrated, as well as helpful, with a variety of jobs from the extremely easy (envelope-back pillow) to the much more fancy (handbag with pockets, circle skirt).

A book that is most likely on a great deal of internet-enabled sewists’ listing this year is Diana Eng’s fashion Geek: clothes accessories Tech. I understand that there are jobs in this book that I’ve been eyeballing for a long time …

And it’s not rather in the “books” category, however either a membership to threads Magazine, or, if you’re feeling truly Santa-like, the new huge all-the-issues threads DVD.

Fabric: It is a reality widely acknowledged that a sewist in possession of some material is always in want of much more fabric. However, if you don’t sew, purchasing material for somebody else can be a bit tricky. What do you buy? exactly how much do you buy? I believe you can never go wrong with top quality natural fibers (or, of course, Liberty). My advice? Either purchase four lawns of something gorgeous, or try a gift certificate to one of the posher on the internet material shops.

Notions: Go. Nuts. Seriously. roam into a chain stitching store as well as hit the notions aisle with a basket as well as an open mind. Don’t understand what a bodkin is? Dump it in the basket. throw in whatever bit tools or gadgets or thingamagigs take your fancy, put them all in a good covered basket, as well as phone call it a day. If your recipient already has one of whatever it is you chosen up, she might most likely utilize another, newer, sharper one, as well as if she doesn’t, she’ll have fun figuring out exactly how to utilize it. Wandering in a store is much more fun, however if you don’t understand where to go (or, cough, have outrageous issues with going to a “girly store”), try Clotilde’s or Nancy’s on the internet or even Amazon.

Patterns: This, surprisingly, is less fraught than purchasing fabric, IF you already feel positive when purchasing clothes for the exact same person. You just select a pattern that appears like something your recipient would wear, IN THE best SIZE. Remember, pattern sizing is different from “normal” sizing, so go by measurements as well as not the size number. A much better technique is to get a elegant vintage pattern in an approximate size (or even a couple of patterns) to ensure that you have some redundancy in the system. bonus offer points for stating “These were so beautiful, they reminded me of you,” when you provide them.

And if your budget plan is tight this year (and whose isn’t?) one of the very best gifts you can provide to somebody who likes to sew is time. offer to run a weekend’s worth of errands, make dinner, response the phone, view the baby, walk the dog, or anything else that would enable for a four- or five-hour uninterrupted block of time. (And make the stitching time genuine time — no interruptions, if you please, unless somebody is bleeding or on fire.)

Do you sew as well as have a gift wishlist of your own? Leave a comment!

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