It’s That Time again

Crossword puzzle stunt dress time!

Yep, today’s the ACPT tournament, and I’ll be wearing this:

I haven’t attached down the facings yet in this picture, so they’re a little lumpy. Can you see what else is wrong with it? No?

How about now?

Yep. I cut the entire thing OUT UPSIDE DOWN. (Insert forehead-slap here.) When I figured this out I was hopping mad for about ten minutes, but I didn’t have enough time OR fabric for a do-over, so then I just laughed. It’s funnier this way, and of course, from MY perspective (that of the WEARER), looking down at the dress, it’s right-side-up! So that’s how I’m going to think about it, anyway.

It’s a Duro Junior (Simplicity 3875), which I think of more as a summer-type dress, but I’m just going to wear it with a black tee underneath it and tights and just hope it’s not as cold as the weatherfolk say it’s supposed to be. I’ll be inside, solving (or, in my case, typically NOT-solving) puzzles most of the day anyway.

I found this last stash of Michael Miller crossword fabric at Britex months and months ago — for next year’s dress I think I’m going to get some custom fabric made up at Spoonflower. probably an easy NYT Monday puzzle solved in red ink and tiled to fill the yardage, or maybe even as a scatter print. What do y’all think?

Oh, and tomorrow — check out my last column filling in for Jan Freeman in the Boston Globe; I’m writing about my inadvertent coining of the word “Duro” (and how amazing you all were to use it, making it “real”).

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