NY fashion Week: Y & Kei autumn 2006

Okay, lastly something I truly like. Isn’t this lovely? as well as yet it seems as if it might be used in the genuine world — I bet that deep vee has fasteners to make it somewhat less deep, as well as it really has sleeves. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover it has pockets!

I like the color — that rich caramel is such a warm as well as forgiving shade, particularly for brunettes. This would be as well harsh in black, as well bridal in white, as well as just ordinary eccentric in red, green, or blue — brown is precisely right. as well as I like the darker belt, which I’m hoping is brown velvet. If we see this gown at the Oscars, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. I can’t believe of who would be finest for it though — leave your suggestions/predictions in the comments!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in Harper’s, either. perhaps in one of their “What To wear At any type of Age” spreads, in the 30- or 40-year-old layouts. I’d wear this with amber, or old (faux) ivory, or even yellow jade cuff bracelets, myself, as well as high brown velvet heels.

I’d think about shortening the skirt to ankle or even knee-length (ankle for formal parties, knee for dinner parties/cocktail parties) just since I have a horror of unintentional pratfalls as well as of putting my heel with my dress.

This is definitely the prettiest, most wearable gown I’ve seen in the autumn 2006 collections so far.

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