Artist of the week #2 – HYDRO74 (Joshua Smith)

vectorScanning through the world of the most distinguished graphic artists of the moment, if you want to meet the non-standard artist and the most down to earth and professional thinking artist, well, I guess that would be Hydro74.  Hydro has passed over the word “freelance”, giving it the connotation that it deserves, so that along with work, goals and professionalism, it has become a way of living.
vectorvectorHe shares his reason that he believes it made him so popular: his goals. He also encourages every designer to set goals, for a month, a year and so on, because without goals, you can’t reach higher than you are ideal now.  Secondly, a strong portfolio is absolutely crucial, but that still indicates little you don’t get in touch with powerful companies that can get you the ticket to be known. He chose the name Hydro because it was so easy to spell and had great resonance, and 74 is his birth year. So the association became personal, easy to remember, and nearly turned into a trend, because lots of people have the tendency to name their sites with a basic name followed by a number.
vector designvector Hydro74 does designs for a large variety of things, like CD covers, magazine illustrations and snowboards.  His work can be found all over the world, in a lot of popular brands out there, even if they are clothing brands, bands or game companies. here are some of them: Nike, Osiris, Vans, Electric, Ezekiel, DCMA, XGames, Smashing Pumpkins, Tribal Gear, Scion, etc. He is also the founder and co-curator of the t-shirt exhibit,  “Back in Black”.
vectorvectorvectorHe gets his inspiration first of all from outer world, after inspecting what are the new trends and by guessing in which directions those trends will go further. He also can find inspiration in anything, like old books, graffiti digital art and Japanese culture. Actually, the anime style is very familiar to him, because at the beginnings, his style was anime, and he declares that he still keeps influences. But, as lots of artists from all kinds of domains and arts, the process of creating is the one that sets the passion free, because after his piece of art is completed, he already hates it.  and that is because he thinks he could do better.
vectorHe has made a decision to stay away from what “artist” may indicate to some (chaotic, odd thinking, tattoos that may be out of fashion someday, ego-centrism) and chose to remain connected to his high conventional principles that approved him the popularity he has today.

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