Get On Your Bike

So right here lastly is a photo of my preferred gown of the moment, made of simplicity 1577:


Here’s something I had not thought about when making this dress: a gown with a bike print is like catnip to the hipsters of San Francisco. In a five-block walk today from the BART station at objective & 24th I had accumulated an equal number of dress-related compliments, mainly from people who were NOT under the influence of intoxicants. 

For additional hipster cred, this pocket is really huge sufficient to hold my big Moleskine notebook (not shown, you’ll have to depend on me, I didn’t figure this out up until today): 

Here’s the back view: 

I still have two versions of this gown cut out as well as half-made; I hope to surface them soonish-like. (I have been alternating what I’m calling “rescue missions” — taking care of gowns that requirement new zippers, or bigger pockets, or whatever — with new Sewing, as well as I’m really starting to like the rescue missions. They take less time, for one thing, as well as it’s extremely satisfying to take a gown from the stack of damaged as well as bring back it to the rotation.)

The bike material is offered here (also in white). 

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