Great gowns in Mediocre Literature (a continuing series)

The troublesome concern was–what gown should she wear to the barbecue? What gown would finest set off her appeals as well as make her most irresistible to Ashley?

The increased organdie with long pink sash was becoming, however she had used it last summertime when Melanie visited Twelve Oaks as well as she’d be sure to keep in mind it. as well as may be catty sufficient to mention it. The black bombazine, with its puffed sleeves as well as princess lace collar, set off her white skin superbly, however it did make her look a trifle elderly… It would never do to appear sedate as well as elderly before Melanie’s wonderful youthfulness. The lavender barred muslin was lovely with those wide inserts of lace as well as web about the hem, however it had never fit her type. It would fit Carreen’s delicate profile as well as wishy-washy expression perfectly, however Scarlett felt that it made her look like a schoolgirl. It would never do to appear schoolgirlish next to Melanie’s poised self. The eco-friendly plaid taffeta, frothing with flounces as well as each flounce edged in eco-friendly velvet ribbon, was most becoming, in truth her preferred dress, for it darkened her eyes to emerald. however there was unmistakably a grease area on the front of the basque. Of course, her brooch might be pinned over the spot, however perhaps Melanie had sharp eyes. There stayed varicolored cotton gowns which Scarlett felt were not joyful sufficient for the occasion, sphere gowns as well as the eco-friendly sprigged muslin she had used yesterday. however it was an afternoon dress. It was not appropriate for a barbecue, for it had only small puffed sleeves as well as the neck was low sufficient for a dancing dress. however there was nothing else to do however wear it. besides she was not ashamed of her neck as well as arms as well as bosom, even if it was not correct to show them in the morning.

from Gone With The Wind, by Margaret Mitchell.

with thanks to Julian, who sent in the excerpt …

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