And they can’t, they won’t, as well as they don’t stop … fauxlero!

Julie from Sew-Retro vintage Patterns just sent this to me, as well as I *wants* it. however it’s not my size! (It’s B38.) And, as we’ve already established, I’m method as well lazy to grade patterns. anyone got it in a B36?

Anyway, it’s sweeeeet. look at those pockets! I would definitely coordinate the pocket flaps as well as the neckline band. I may even go so far as to add one more coordinating band around the hem. (My laziness doesn’t prolong to unnecessary style touches, only to grading patterns.)

Sigh. I hope one of you B38 women buys it, makes it, sends me a picture, as well as uses it in great health and wellness to the next satisfying of the Fauxlero Club.

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