Boden, Boden, Boden

I truly like the Boden catalog, in spite of not ever truly using anything from it (except for one floral coat that has got to be my preferred jacket ever as well as which opts for everything).

This gown looks so comfy that I nearly forgive it for not having any type of pockets. as well as for having angora in it, which always makes me itch. as well as for being $118, since I understand the blue as well as browny.jpgnk versions (click on the picture to see the catalog page as well as see them) will most likely choose less in the sale.

I can’t keep in mind the last knit gown I had as well as used — I believe I had a extremely serious early-90s JCrew black knit wedge gown that made me look like as if I were the head woman in a Dickensian boarding institution dressing up as the headmistress. (What can I say? It was a preferred look at the time.) All I needed was a lorgnette as well as a set of chatelaine-type secrets (and a fondness for gin) as well as it would have been perfect. I believe I even used it with a terrific pair of kiltie brogues that I desire I still owned. I used them into slivers of leather, I did.

I’m not sure what I did keeping that gown — it may have been sent away in the excellent postnatal clothes purge (otherwise understood as “If I Can’t Breastfeed In It, It Is Dead To Me” diaspora) of the year 2000; then again, it may be in a plastic storage tub in the attic. You never know.

I believe if I had this gown I would want to wear it with bright tights (yellow? pink? red?) however that I would always end up taking one last look at myself in the mirror as well as going back upstairs to modification into black ones. I’m likewise not sure what coat I’d wear with it — knit gowns tend to get so bunchy under coats, as well as you never can be absolutely sure, even with a great slip, that static cling hasn’t made a decision to begin wrapping the gown higher as well as higher up your legs.

I likewise like the Colourblock wool Dress, although it doesn’t have any type of pockets, either. (It’s a conspiracy to make us get a lot more handbags, I tell you.)

Now I have a yen to hear all kind of knit gown stories. Leave ’em in the comments?

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