Those crazy Kids!

Cecelia sent this to me (because of the pockets, obviously) and isn’t it just neato keen? It’s a teen pattern, which makes me think that probably someone, somewhere, saw this dress made up and clucked over the ridiculous habits of “kids today,” with their enormous pockets and their lack of respect for authority.

This illustration, all by itself, is the plot of a Hayley Mills movie, isn’t it? about orphan teen bank robbers. They (both roles played by Ms. Mills) are on a two-girl crime spree (and hunted by the police and all the papers, who think that they are not teens, but master criminals, albeit of very short stature) until they are befriended by a kindly bank guard (played by Morgan Freeman) who inspires them to change their ways. somebody make that for me, okay? Thanks.

Oh, and speaking of crazy kids, do y’all remember Rebecca (of course you do, she designed this) and Trish (of They’re currently working on a book called “One yard Wonders,” and are looking for really amazing projects that can be made with no more than a yard of fabric. more details are here.

Please submit projects because I have a lot of one-yard leftovers that I would really like to use up …

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