For a June (2010) Bride

I was just at a wedding where the bride’s dress was *slightly* prettier and more elegant than this, but it’s a close call.

This is definitely a wedding dress for grown-ups; I wouldn’t put this on someone in her early twenties. Or on someone who was getting married at noon; this is an evening dress. I might even consider making the front ruching and back swag in organza, and putting a few — very subtle — tiny sparkly bits in it. Possibly. They’d have to be very subtle, though, or you’d go from grown-up Bride to Glinda The good Witch in an eyeblink.

(The best part, though, is that I think you could just possibly hide a pocket in that back swag. I’d have to see the pattern, but I don’t think it’s entirely out of the question.)

This is listed by Michelle here, and it’s sized at bust 34, hips 37 — very reasonable. (It’s listed for $150, but when you think of what wedding dresses go for, that’s not out of line, either).

If you are a June 2010 bride and think this is your wedding dress, congratulations! and mazel tov! and hurry up, you’ve only got a year to get this thing made!

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