The Hundred Dresses: Day 17

careful readers of A dress A Day (are there any other kind? I think not) will have seen this dress twice before; it’s certainly one of my favorites:

The buttons are probably my favorite part — they’re covered with another black&white alphabet fabric at a different scale:

There are a lot of things I’ll do differently when I make this pattern again. For instance, I don’t think the placket edges need to be edgestitched:

And when I first put in the zipper, I started the top too low and the fabric ripped at the tension point — you can see the repair below (I also replaced the zipper):

Here’s the back, it’s off-center on my dress form but not in real life, really.

This is from Butterick 7513:

Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t make this all the time, it’s super-comfortable and not very demanding. It might be because I tend to shy away from center-front skirt seams, but I’m getting over that. maybe I’ll give this one another shot soon …

And in Hundred-Dresses-The-Book news, did I already link to this good HuffPo slideshow? check it out!

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