Weekly news update

The new York Times noted that high-end view brands have been focusing on accountable sourcing as well as sustainability.
The new York Times likewise looked at exactly how our patience for unpleasant clothes has waned over the past two years.
WIRED specified that the Metaverse might considerably reshape fashion.
Fortune shared its annual evaluation of funding for female Founders as well as noted, “2021 saw a 4x boost in the number of female-led business reaching unicorn status.”
Harvard company evaluation published an short article with the headline “Stop telling women They have Imposter Syndrome.”
The Skimm produced the #ShowUsYourLeave database that shares business as well as organizations that have joined their motion for much more transparency for paid household leave.
Teen vogue explained what you requirement to understand about work environment retaliation.
The 19th reported that Kentucky is the very first specify to end practically all in-state abortions.
Psychology Today looked at why women initiate about two-thirds of all divorces.
gal-dem shared an oral history of bend It like Beckham.
Your Laugh of the Week comes from points in Case, with “12 moments You believed You might Forget, however Your Phone’s picture ‘Memories’ function Won’t let You.”

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